Headset Suggestions

Well I have been through a few headsets and some may have great sound quality,
But the Microphone is horrible!
I need ideas for headsets, the price isn’t really a factor, although no super expensive headsets, I have a expensive Razer headset right now, while the sound is out of this world the microphone is terrible.
So since i will be keeping my Razer for listening to music/youtube ect I wand a headset that has a very good microphone, any suggestions please?

Thanks :slight_smile:

A good desktop microphone could be a solution.

Gmod makes all mic sound sound like shit btw.

I have these and they are awesome. I’ve posted a few links because I don’t know where you are from:

The mic’s only shit because the quality at which Source Engine transmits VOIP is shit. Presumably to reduce bandwidth.