Headshot 92m

Hi Community
My question is whether it is possible to get to 92m 3 times headshtos
or is it a hack


How do you measure the distance? I’ve love to do that

I’ve had similar head shots from those sort of distances with the bolt, had to run over and take a screen shot I was so proud!

Probably a modded server running something called deathnotes plugin which reports kill and distance.

ok thx

Yea DeathNotes is it

There is a new “hack” where you turn on the window’s magnifier and it lets you see very far accurately. But the person could be using an aim hack instead. Hard to know.

Ive gotten 198m bolt headshot…and 162m ak headshot kills…woop woop…no magnifier

3 times in a row with both?

Not 3 times in a row. Just a kill

Ok, just because op wrote 3 times headshot.

yeah, but not clear if he means 3 kills in a row(3 shots) or 3 head shot kills for the one player in a period of time.

I’ve gotten multiple 300m headshots with the bolt. 92m is not very far at all.

It’s called HV ammo.

i seen a 380m boltkill on our server so not a hack

i made one on 402 with bolt and HV just knowing where they guy is