Headshot by the door....


“Don’t lose your hea-- Oh, too late”

He’s gonna be feeling that the day after…

Jesus christ what gun was that guy using that has that force to take someones head off like that?


And/or make it explode in a fountain of gore like that?

The editing is pretty unimpressive. The tracer looks more like a blurry phaser beam (Speaking of which, why can no one ever do tracers right? Jesus, it’s a fucking straight line following behind the projectile); His wound just looks like the top half of his head is missing; And the blood is okay but it’s just that, blood. No bits of flesh or gray matter, no bone fragments, no skin flaps, nothing. The muzzle flash is really weird and unnatural looking, even for TF2’s cartoony theme.

The posing is mostly rather solid. The demoman especially. Though, his right leg (viewer’s perspective) should be further back more given his torso is straight or kinda leaning back looking. The scout’s good, though he could be holding his weapon out further. It looks awkward. That, and his legs should be spread out more left to right.

Now, the soldier’s solidly posed, but given it’s the moment of impact, he’s reacting way too much. Same for the demoman.

Iuno, a typical full size rifle round like what any sniper weapon uses?

There isn’t all that much gore either. It’s just some blood.

everything loen said

If you look carefully, it kinda looks like a beret, not (half?) a head.

It is a beret, I’m pretty sure he meant the half of his head that is clearly missing

100% charged sniper rifle with Kritz.

I wish we had the ability to shoot hats off people’s heads as sniper, would be fun pinning a heavy’s toque to a wall