Headshot competition.

I think you all know what a headshot is so let’s talk about the rules. A pretty easy competion I think. Try to put as much blood/gore in it as you can. The challenge will stop on the 25th of october! There is no prize but just participate it’s fun.

[ul]Do not use old poses that you have posted before, you can use unposted images [/ul]
[ul]It must be a headshot! from a gun, bow an arrow etc. You can decide.[/ul]
[ul]No sex poses.[/ul]
[ul]2 entries per person[/ul]
[ul]to vote make a top 5.[/ul]

My image


Yeah headshots, count me in!


Uberslug should have entered his “Ultimate Headshot #3”.


Wow ninja’d.


Go home guys. Competition is over.

There is a 2nd and 3rd place.

Uberslug should get those too because his picture is so good.

Competition is over.
I’ll make an entry anyways. I’m coming for your ass uber :slight_smile:

I’m in.



Gonna try something new on this contest… Im in :slight_smile:

Okay, remember uberslug has to be voted most to get the first place.

My first submission. Thought I did pretty good with Gore


Jesus. Fucking. Christ.


My second entry, enjoy much blood. Thanks devious void for the idea!



Lol, nice joke.

Meh, I might do another one but yea


Pretty nice

Uberslug wins but I’m gonna throw in an old pic for shits and gigs.


aww damn I thought you were posing again

Read the rules.

I might try, altough im terrible at this sort of stuff