Headshotter's easy and wet RAIN TUTORIAL.

First here’s the brush you’re gonna need : http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7936558/Custom.abr (this is the 240px line thing)


Hey and welcome in my supah dupah wet RAIN TUTORILA. In this TUTORILA, you'll learn how to do QUICK AND FUNCY WET RAIN!


Step 1 - Isolating

Your picture is like onions, no it doesn’t smell (unless your nickname’s Kyno or gmod_fan) it got LAYERS. You got different plans there. So let’s start by isolating what’s near to our camera!


Protip : Try to be accurate in your selection, but no need to be REALLY accurate, when you’re done isolating => Right Click => Feather => 2

When your selection’s there, click on the “Background” layer and then Right Click on your picture => Layer via Copy.
You now have a new layer which contain your isolation. Name it “Isolation 1”[/ul]


Step 2 /1 - Adding rain to our background

Now that your isolation’s done, Duplicate the “Background” layer, PLACE THE DUPLICATED LAYER IT BELOW YOUR ISOLATION. Name that new layer “Rain Background 1”
Now, no matter how weird it will seem to you, we’re gonna use the shitty way to make rain.

-Filter => Noise => Add Noise => 400
-Filter => Blur => Motion Blur => Pick the angle you want and set its power to a value between 15 and 25%
-Set the blending option of the layer to Hard Light, with an opacity of 50 - 55%.




Step 2 /2 - Still adding wet rain to our background

Duplicate the “Background” layer again, PLACE THE DUPLICATED LAYER IT UP TO “Rain Background 1”. Name it “Rain Background 2”.
Then repeat Step 2 again, just by changing a few value so it looks a tad different

-Filter => Noise => Add Noise => 350
-Filter => Blur => Motion Blur => Pick the same angle as Step 2, set its power to a value between 15 and 25%
-Set the blending option of the layer to Hard Light, with an opacity of 50 - 55%.

Now we're gonna add an wittle something

-Filter => Distort => Twirl => Set it to a value between 30 and 40°[/ul]


Step 3 /1 - Adding rain to our foreground

Guess what? You got to duplicate the Background layer AGAAAAAAAAAAAAAIN. Place the duplicated layer UP TO ALL OF YOUR LAYERS. Name it “Background rain 3”

Hey pssst… guess what? You’ve got to do that step 2 shit all over again, FUCK YEAH.
-Filter => Noise => Add Noise => 250
-Filter => Blur => Motion Blur => Pick the same angle as Step 2, set its power to a value between 15 and


-Set the blending option of the layer to Hard Light, with an opacity of

90 - 100%





Step 3 /2 - Adding rain to our foreground (Brush part)

You’re gonna need the brush I gave you at the beggining of the thread.
Create a new layer, place it up to everything, name it “Rain Brush 1”

-Set its blending to Soft Light and Opacity to 100%
-Grab the brush I gave you and set its size to 150px
-Remember when you were 5 and paint everywhere like a god damn kid.

If you want to, you can also put some brush rain in your background.
Create a new layer again, name it “Rain Brush 2”, place it below “Isolation 1”. Blending to Soft Light and 100% opacity.
Set the Brush size to a smaller value to make it like it’s farther.
Paint again.[/ul]


Step 4 - Splashes

Create a new layer, Soft Light blending, 100% opacity. Name it “Splashes 1”. Place it up to everything.

  • Go on your photoshop’s default brushes
  • Grab the “Star 42px” brush
  • Go on the advanced brush settings


-Now you’re going to figure by yourself what values you’ve got to put, here are explainations on how it works :

[list]Shape Dynamic
It randomly changes the shape of the brush. Just change the “Size Jitter” and “Angle Jitter” values.[/ul]

Makes your brush goes all WUBUBUBUBBUU and creates multiple itterations of your brush in different directions, just change the “Scatter” value. The higher it is, the more space there will be between your brushes.[/ul]

[ul]Noise - Wet Edges - Airbrush - Smoothing
Well, just look at the preview and see the changes by yourself, in this case (the splashes), just turn on everything.[/ul][/list]


Step 5 - Lightning tweaking

The rain should look fairly good now (if it doesn’t for some reason, play with the opacity), now we need to make the lightning darker, blueish, to fit that rainy day feeling.

Click on the little White and Black circle at the bottom right of photoshop, click on “Black and White”.

  • A new layer appears, place it up to everything.
  • Click on it, some options should appear up to the layers window.
  • Check the “Tint” box, change the colour to “5d819f”.
  • Set the blending of the “Black & White 1” to Hard Light, adjust the Opacity to your whatever you want, remember that if the picture’s too dark… well it fucks everything.

Also don’t forget that your rain can be affected by lightning sources. Just click on “Rain Background 1” for example, then Filter => Render => Lightning Effects to make a fancy light affecting your rain.

Congratulation, you made it, you got some awesome water falling from the sky in your picture! Please note that you may not like it, that’s your problem, not mine. I just explained how I AM doing rain, if you know a better way, go ahead and write a tutorial.[/release]

How it looks [click for fullscreen]:



Cool tit I mean tut yo. :golfclap:

This thread makes me wet.

Glad to see another tutorial, especially rain, i always had trouble with it.

Easy and Wet, Sorta like your mom last night.


Just kidding, Great tutorial Headshotter.

Added the brush needed at step 3 /2

To be honest I’d personally add a few bigger raindrops into the background done with pure brushing.
The biggest problem with those though, is to make them catch light.

Also what about making splashes one pixel small brushes and work on their opacity.

Higher opacity for direct and lower for indirect.

Photoshop… :saddowns:

Will try! :v:

I did a rain tutorial a while ago, but this one is loads better cuz it has pictures. I already know how to do rain, but it’s good for those who can’t! Rated tool :v:

Awesome, bookmark’d

Is that Keith I see in the background? :v:


:v: I like Keith.

I there a GIMP version of that brush? :eng99:

Urr, no, but if you got a brush advanced thing close enough to photoshop’s one, you could try creating one yourself. I’d add it to the thread.



Why thank you headshotter. This is most welcome. I shall sacrifice a 100 bulls in your honor.

great tut, thanks

Best freewar… I mean best editing program ever.