Headswapped Barney has black facemap!

Hi, I recently made a faceswap in milkshape, placing Barney’s head on a model which i found on gmod.org.
Now, it compiled fine, and looked alright in in the textured view in milkshape but when I load the model into gmod the face is completely black!
Now, I checked the material paths, they’re fine, and the body texture is fine, but I’m really tearing my hair out on this one! It doesn’t seem to make a difference whether I tell the vmt to look for the vtf in the hl2 gcfs, or in the addon folder of my model, it’s the same black face, I tried replacing the barneyface with a plain red image, and sure enough, in-game th face was now red, I replaced it with Fakefactory’s CM!) barney texture, and the same it loaded fine with that texture, (although naturally it looks terrible since it was designed for a different model)
Also, the eyes are kinda fucked up, as in they spawn with them rolled back and they don’t look in the right directions and the pupils look way too big.
I can’t fathom what might be causing this, when I spawn the vanilla barney ragdoll in gmod, it looks fine!


wtf? image embed not working?

It’s working. Derp no hotlinking from there. Sadly I don’t know how to fix your model problem though

In MS3D, open the texture coordinate editor (Ctrl-T) while you have barney’s head group selected, check off “Lock X” and drag the UV map up. When you decompile a model, it offsets the UV map by the length of the map itself. It’s not usually a problem, except for some of Valve’s default faces.

Thankyou, that worked perfectly!
Also, the problems with the eyes were caused by me using a citizen .qc as a template silly me .

Try unchecking the clamps for the vtf texture.
The old barney texture in in the older format. Doing that fixes the issue (reason the FF textures work)