Health bar or Bleeding for your opponent in battle

While I was in a battle, I couldn’t help but wish I could know the health status of my opponent.
Generally I find out once either I am dead or my opponent is dead.
It would be nice to have some sign of my opponents health, like some ever increasing bleeding.
That way he can leave a trail of blood or a pool of blood once dead.
Even a status bar would be nice to track the pending demise of the unfortunate soul (like other games).

I think the dead one’s generally lay down on the floor and don’t get back up again…

Yes it’s frustrating when you’ve hit some guy 5 times with a spear and he still wont go down but think about it, if you have a health bar and your not 100% you may as well have a target or sign on your back saying “come kill me please!”

If you hit them, they will bleed…

I was suggesting bleeding or health bar in battle only. Not while running around.
Although I am not opposed to obvious signs you are packing and ready for battle. You know like running around with a face mask and chest plate or expensive clothing.

Not a fan of the health bar concept, but it would be nice to know the status of the opponent from bleeding. Also just thought it would be great if attacking / shooting a player would trigger a pain sound i.e. a shout / scream to give an idea whether the player has been hurt. Also not sure whether they will add gibbing but they should add impact sounds when a player has been hit i.e. a bullet travelling through flesh / bone. Some people request to have the heatshot sound back in / hitmarker however this could be a more subtle solution. Knowing you have damaged someone should really only be in close quarters ( however I did love the hitmarker / headshots sounds ).

Me too I love the hitmarker / headshots sounds… wish it will come back

Obviously a health bar would be against the feel of the game, but I like the bleeding idea. Noise on contact with soft supple flesh would be cool too.

I don’t really want anything like this – because then people can see/deduce my health too.

I agree. I do think wounded animations would be good though. Perhaps someone starts to hunch over, hobble, or limp as their health lowers?

If it’s not too obvious, it’s all good, but if somebody can see if from 25 or so yards away, I’d be a little annoyed by it. Like somebody else said, I feel like that’s painting a target on my back, especially when it’s visible from far away.

I’m still torn, though – from a thematic aspect, it would be a welcome addition. I just don’t think it will help with PvP any, but instead punishes the winner of any conflict running home with their loot.

Yea, these types of things are always a double-edged sword. It’s great when you’re not on the receiving end, but not so great when you’re the wounded one.

Perhaps a better healing system could help with this? Taking cover so you could apply bandages and use med-kits would help.

I think those two things would work well together, sure. Giving medkits an animation they have to finish before healing is something I don’t see any issue with – would make gunplay much more skill based, at least.

In legacy, medkits were something we all stockpiled and had millions of. I was of the opinion that they should be much rarer in nature, and to craft should require something like antiseptics that would be really hard to find. With a system like this, though, it wouldn’t really matter. You can only heal in cover, and it takes time. Right after a fight would be a safe time to do so, and thus the prepared wouldn’t have to run around with blood coming from their ears.

That also opens the way for varying medical items – some that have very quick animations but don’t heal for much and stuff like that.

It would improve pvp in the sense that a player couldn’t tank 3 enemies by spamming the food/medkit hotkey. They either need to add in a close range hp bar (not my favorite idea), or they need to start limiting health regen during combat. This whole instant regen thing with food is the worst offender currently.

Now that you can eat food through the hotbar melee combat is a complete joke. Newmans are absolutely helpless because without a fat stack of wolf meat they’ll never be able to out-battle someone who’s already gotten established.

I personally think hp items need to have a cooldown implemented on them.

Whats wrong with a target on your back and a potential penalty to an attack?
When a gun toting, armed slayer approaches my naked axe gather, I would feel motivated to take a chuck out of him before I die and cause him risk on his continued journey. Of course he can heal, but not before he broadcasts his status to others around him.

Let the bastard bleed, and bleed RED for all to see :slight_smile:

But that’s not always the situation. Two equally-armed parties might clash, and the victor would be penalized. That’s what I suspect Frank was saying – medical kits would stop that animation, and that would be a large part of their usage.

I think it would blow certain tactical aspects of the fighting scenes. Showing of as a weakness or simply influence the choices that have to be made. It’s ok the way it is, imo.