Health Care System


Does it include getting drunk off of milk?

First post in a new release, and its a troll.

Oh how fun.

Other than that, No, it does not include large amounts of casine.

Looks good, I like these “addon” addons.

One thing. Could you consider maybe doing a really realistic system? That is, bleeding takes away from your blood volume, not taking away from your health, that kind of thing.
I’m doing one of these myself but I’d like to see how you do it :3:

Cool as fuck.

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I’d like it even more if running speed and such was affected by your health amount as well as accuracy/recoil with all weapons (this would be outright amazing).

That could be possible actually, Just have to change some multiplyers, But the downside is it wouldnt be compatible with alot of things.

Yeah probably not. Anyway:

Found a bug.

You can use supplies you don’t have. It will go past 0 in the count of supplies and just into the negatives, it will actually stop bleeding and the like.

I think admins should be able to limit max supplies for each supply individually. That’d be really cool.

Well i fixed this in 1.1, Try redownloading it?

Oh, I didn’t see 1.1 was up, thanks for notifying. What about those admin limit things, any word on those?

Ofcourse, Thats possible. Ill be sure to add that into it in V1.3, I also added some more info on 1.2


I added the max medications you can carry convar, Its 1 in the morning so im going to get some sleep, Test it in the morning, Then upload it.

Another fine addon =)

Oh fuck I just updated to 1.1 and 1.2 is already out lol

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Looks like clients don’t download the world model for the IFAK

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Could you make it so you can’t go over 100 hp? I find it odd how someone can be injured, bandaged up, and they are somehow better off than before.

It seems to take a lot to actually start bleeding/receive lacerations… any way I can up the possibility of both?

edit: oh shit double post

I decided to let players get bonus health in this, I dont know why i thought about it :v:

And you need to take about 30 dmg from “Types” to start a condition, ill probly lower it to 25.

What is the time threshold under which you need to take 30 damage to incur a condition?

7.5 to 10 seconds, Each time you take damage it resets.

If i take 10 damage, wait 5 seconds “2.5 seconds left” and take damage again, it will reset to 7.5

Looks like this isn’t compatible with RagMod - if you fall over after receiving a medical condition, it is set back to fine.
Do you know if you could create compatibility between them?

Ragmod is kind of ancient by now, it’s probably incompatible with many things. Most lua coders probably don’t care for compatibility with it unless it was updated or something.

I remember back when ragmod was new and revolutionary for what it did.

Someone needs to make a new ragmod.

You should take physics damage and create a new condition, Trauma.

It makes your screen blurry and you sway around a lot, being unable to maintain balance and stand still. Weapon accuracy should be severely reduced, and your sprinting capability should be disabled. Treated based on severity, if you took >50 damage in one hit, you need a cast for broken bones, any less than that and maybe some head ice? /:v:/

Explosion damage that’s bad enough should be able to induce both bleeding and trauma. Light explosive damage IE enough to make your ears ring, should cause light trauma which has light screen shaking, slight slowdown, and you can still sprint.

In tune with the swaying aspect, trauma should severely detriment your running path, making you curve and sway as you move, being unable to maintain a straight path. Like a drunk person.

RagMod is compatible with pretty much everything.

I agree with what noobcake said. I like those ideas.