Health & Class changing (Combine & Citizen)

I am making a free service to anyone who is requesting an npc’s health or class be changed.

The big, better, best coders don’t have time for these jobs, so I’m doing them for you.

Got a npc you want to make friendly or evil? Post here a link to it and I’ll make it.

(Please note it takes 1-2 days to respond most of the time, health over 99,999 may glitch and can only reach certain levels)
(Also note that combine & citizen are the basic ones I can do. I would change citizen based npc into combine for they switch gender tones when talking. It could be a boy then a girl.)
(Another note is that if you can’t find the default lua for me for an npc, I cannot really edit it.)

Doesn’t this take no more than 2 minutes?

This is what you use stools for.

sure this thread is good for people who dont know lua worth SHIT, but as posted above: it takes about 2 minutes to make an npc.

Yes this is for people who can’t lua for shit, I wish you wouldn’t post the obvious on the forum pages, it is not helping anybody here.


I don’t like the stools, one reason is because you have to type in sv_cheats 1, go to npc health, make it 1,000,000, then go to guns, make it 300, then make headshot what you want.

Making it simple would be much better.

There is no default lua for any of the NPCs. NPCs are coded in C++, you can’t just go and edit it. (With the exception of SNPCs, but that’s not what you’re talking about)

Also, you can change all the citizen/combine/whatever healths through the sk_ cvars such as sk_citizen_health

It is possible to create entity with derma menu like with DFrame etc… ?

No, I use stools for sitting on


That I also agree with.

Your creeping me out :smiley:


This is for people who don’t know shit about lua.

Yes, yes you do :smiley:

Stop bumping useless threads.