Health Drop Effect

I’m sorry if this is in the wrong section. I was wondering if anybody could create some sort of script
So that if your health drops under 35, your screen goes red, after about 15 seconds of not getting hit, you recover 3 hp per second, once the health has reached above 35, the redness goes away and you’re still recovering health until you’ve recovered to 50hp.

So sort of like when you’re low on health in Modern Warfare 2. That kind of effect, although I don’t want it
to have so much effects it laggs my computer so badly, just like a red transparency until you’re health reaches above 35.

Does anyone bother trying? I’d be thankful.
example: (done with photoshop)

Something sorta like that

whats the weapon ur holding?

That’s kinda off-topic.

Yes it is off topic, but it’s Hl2 Combo fists. It’s on just search up combo fists

Try looking… Zoey the awesome has made one :3