Health Station And Other T/D Shop Stuff Float When Placed?

On my server i have some T/D weapons that wont work and help would be extremely appreciated and also i would appreciate some help with editing addon T/D stuff

Thins I Need Help With:
D Shop:
1.Health Station (It Floats When Placed i recently got my cs:s mounted so that shouldn’t be why)
2.Weapons (I Would Like To Make It So Some Weapons in the T Shop Are in there)
3.Body Armor (I want them to auto buy body armor when they spawn without a choice)
T Shop:
1.Gold Dragon (this is a traitor only weapon that is an ak47 but also like a flare gun as it sets players/bodies on fire i dont want it to set bodies on fire because then its a flar gun with more ammo)
2.Turtle Grenade (when it explodes it spawns headcrabs that look like turtles but when it is thrown on my server it floats at about head level until it explodes)
3. Molotov (I have a Molotov on my server but i want it to be like the knife in the sense you can only buy one once because it is really annoying when a bunch of traitors by a ton)
4.Weapons ( I would like to make some weapons that spawn T/D weapons cause they are really powerful and i dont want them for just anyone)

thanks in advance all help is appreciated if you want the workshop link or a pastie of the lua files for the weapons i will give them if you ask if you want screenshots i can show you those if you want to see it happen in action ask and i will pm you my server ip

Do all these weapons already exist, or do you want someone to make them for you?

You need to mount CS:S on your server.

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As they are CS props

i have CS:S mounted and yes they already exist and i have them on my server

Please post your mount.cfg file. You cant have done it correctly if they are still floating.

// Use this file to mount additional paths to the filesystem
// DO NOT add a slash to the end of the filename

“cstrike” “E:\gmod\css\cstrike”
// “tf” “C:\mytf2server f”

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i put it in my server folder (gmod) and before i did this i could walk through props and stuff now i cant and i installed the one from steamcmd and i used app id 240 but i can still walk through the health station and the health station still floats

It tells you exactly what NOT to do. And you did it