HealthBar that shows Entity’s Health.

Working at All Entities(Props, NPC, Health, Etc…)

For Some Reason(Client Can’t get Entity’s Health), Server must have This Addon.

And if Server have this script, Client will download Automacally.

Feel Free Modify/Stole this Script.


cl_showhealthbar 0/1 - Disable/Enable Health Bar for Client-Side
sv_showhealthbar 0/1 - Disable/Enable Health Bar for Server-Side

At Version 3 - Now Can see Entity’s Health that have 1 Health

Download :

Old Version :

It’s bit bad but seem’s okay…Is there a way to disable it too?

This is pretty good, got my download and a Gold Star.

:o Yay now i can see how far an antlion guard can last :smiley: good job

Just Delete Addon for Now…
I Will add ConVar at Next version.


Does it show the real NPCs healt and max health?

This not bad :stuck_out_tongue:

Lua King’d!

Three version in one day! Good work!

Very nice :slight_smile:

If I change it’s health with console command will it show the real health point?

And is there a way to disable the name or change it? Like we look at an entity , and (only admin) change it’s name and everyone see the different name.

You’re going too fast :argh:,Lua king’d anyway :smiley:

Cool, lua king’d :freeman:

It doesn’t work.

Maybe you didn’t install it properly or a gmod update broke the script

Wow. Helpful.
Errors, where did you install it, INFO?

Depends on if he used getclassname or getname, you could probably do this:

sv_cheats 1
ent_setname putnamehere //when looking straight at the npc
sv_cheats 0 //trust me, you don't want to leave this on

looks pretty cool

Sweet! maybe you could give it a cool custom texture next version?

Lua kinged:D

You need to make a addons folder for it, he didn’t pre-package it

Haha that’s very nice of you :smiley: