Healthy wood!

Hey! A friend and myself are creating a ‘ship’ for a lan party. We want it to be destructible. However, to make it out of wood, a single shot will just simply take it down. I want to know if there is a way to ‘change’ the health of the wood to make it take more hits from a rocket. Or is this just the wrong way about it?

(We can use wiremod fairly well, so if that’s an option, that’d be cool too)

I know E2 has an E:setHealth(N) function.

Uhh, wut’s E2? And will it change the health of a destructible object?

E2 is included in Wiremod, I would not bother with it yet as you seem to be new. I would search for a relevant addon.

I couldn’t find ‘setHealth()’

Use the breakable prop stool.

He said he wants to INCREASE the health not make it destructible when it already is…

Erm, I think there was a tool that made things destroyable but it was glitchty and many of the other stools are broke but,

You could set the health in this one as well.

If you magnetise a prop (with strength set to 0) it will make it indestructable

CONTRADICTION! You cannot be able to use wiremod AND have no idea what Expression 2 is.

Just make it magnetic with low value.

Or when aiming at it, “ent_fire !picker sethealth 999” or something. Nearly indestructible.

Hammer editor + VMF loader

I think it’s ent_fire.

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There was a health STool around wasn’t there? Try looking for it @

Suggestion: Download GCombat; that way, you can use the props you want to make your ship and still have it destructable.

Not everyone is completely up to date with gmod addons.