hear me out about adding a craftable compass

Ok would it be so bad to add a compass into the game to give basic directions? Could be added as a craftable item.

I am not talking about a map or anything…

Surely if one can build a damn machine gun than a simple N S E W compass cant be too hard…


It’s something being considered, I believe Garry says they want to add a compass in his AMA. Of course, the sun rises in the East and sets in the West and Garry also says in the AMA he wants to add moss growing on the north side of a tree.

The funny thing is, that’s not a legitimate navigation tactic in RL. It’s a common myth, but moss does not grow on the north side of a tree reliably enough to rely on this. :v:

Dammit. Marked you dumb when I meant to quote, sorry I’m on a phone! But fortunately we’re in a video game where moss can be forced to grow on the north side of a tree.

You can refresh and re-rate. You can’t un-rate, though.

Once you’ve played Rust for a little while, you’ll get more familiar with the world map and learn to recognize landmarks. It’s like moving to any new area, it takes some time for your brain to build a map of where things are.

Yeah I find any navigation tools to be unnecessary if the map size remains the same. Especially if circular roads remain. I like the initial feel of being lost and having to explore with nothing but your wits.

Yeah… Les Stroud showed this to not be true in one of his first Survivorman Episodes. He showed one tree with the moss on one side… then took a few steps over to the next tree and it was on another side.

And yeah, while a compass being crafted seems logical to do, I have no need of it myself as I reference the sun and landmarks… or if I’m south, the shoreline.

I like the challenge of not having a compass as when I first start out or head to a new location, I’m forced to take it slow and first get familiar with my current surroundings before venturing further.

like i said its craftable.

You guys would not have to use it if you didnt have too…

Why would anyone voluntarily handicap themselves?

That argument comes up with third-person camera suggestions as well. “Well, if you don’t like it, don’t use it.” Except that third-person allows you to see around corners without leaving them, which is a definite advantage over people in first-person.

A compass would give you an advantage over someone who’s completely lost. And once you are familiar enough with the map you won’t need a compass.

So become familiar with the map instead of adding a compass that only some people want.

As everyone else said. I don’t really think a compass is needed. You have the points on the map. A satellite over view map. You have the shoreline and Mount Everrust as your points of interest. Only defense would be people who play the game in low render who only really have the sun and getting close to areas to navigate.

A compass would be a interesting thing to have, but it is certainly not a priority at the moment I imagine.

I also like the challenge of night travel and high noon where I have to resort to memory and landmarks.

Having a compass would ruin that… And while you could opt out of using it, others using it would put you at a disadvantage and entice you to use one.

But if it can be crafted, then it should require metal fragments for the case and needle, and water for the needle to float in… But there is no glass in game, so what then?

A compass would help only a newbie, everyone else learns the map eventually, but…the time they will need it the most is after they die and they need to find their hut, which won’t help them.

There would be some worth in a compass if it had degrees on it, however.

You want to wait til the night is over and then run 10 minutes, or more ? nice try
but theres always suicide of course, or after running a looong time, some kevlar dude with too much ammo.

so why not, doesnt change the game one bit.

i really dont see how a compass affects it.

there is already techincally a compass in the game being the sun. all im saying is cut out the BS and time wasting in seeing where the Sun sets.

It would not change the game as all.

Oh well… even if they put a compass into the game, it’ll be useless at night as you can only hold one thing at a time. You can’t hold out a compass and a torch or weapon with flashlight at the same time. At night, it’ll be too dark to see… and at sunset or sunrise when there’s a bit more light… well, you’ll know what’s what by that time anyways.

During the day, it’ll only be worthwhile around noon when the sun is straight up.

The more I think of it, the more useless a compass seems to be.

You oppose his idea because you feel the game would be made easy. Yet no one is forcing you to use it.

Essentially you are forcing your views on everyone else. Which isn’t cool.

I can agree that a compass would be unnecessary. I still wouldn’t care if other people had it, to me it would be a waste of metal.

Why would anyone voluntary nerf themselves? For the same reason you oppose the compass. You want a challenge.

Yes but a compass doesn’t break the game, unlike 3rd person. It’s simply an optional item that you don’t need if you’re skilled.