Hearing myself on hlss and hldj

Im trying to put up hlss or hldj on gmod.
No im not gonna micspam like lots of people are probebly thinking now.
Me and my friend just like to play music.
Now when i do everything acording to the site of hlss or acording to the site off hldj.
I hear myself hen playing music if i dont plug in my mic then its just nothing.
Anyone nows how i can fix this?
I really wanne play some songs.
(i dont have this problems in toher games like counter-strike,left 4 dead(2) )

Go into your PC’s microphone settings (usually in Control Panel) then change the input from whatever it’s on to “Stereo Mix”

Don’t i disabled my mic when i change the input to my stereo mix card?

just because you like the song it doesn’t mean other people want to be ear raped by it
listen to the music yourself, don’t spam it to others

Yes it does. It’s a compromise you’ll have to make.

Probably would have been better to go here to avoid people like Armotekma

I know its been a while but i tried it today.
But no luck i just hear my ingame sounds very loud.