"Heart Monitor" - Doable or not?

Just curious as to if a heart monitor such as;

Would be possible to code in LUA?
I gather it would be, and if so perhaps someone could give me a nudge in the direction of how it could be done. I don’t want to be spoon fed, just a mere push :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

Not exactly sure how you’d do that, I really suck at derma, but love the idea.

I was thinking of a way to do it was;
Have a slightly transparent background (The: --/–/\—) background, and have a red line pass across it thats only visible inside the transparent background. theen when you flatline, the transparent background changes to a flat transparent line that has the red line pass through out.
Hopefully you get my rough idea (Just splurging whats in my head).

Yes, it is doing, see surface library.

Animated texture.


But if you wanted to use it as a Hp notice then use multiple pictures and change change depending on health.

Good idea, I’ll look into that.

You can do it by simply using surface.DrawLine and some math.