Heart Of Evil: Source Barney Hexed and Working!


Yep. Pretty much. It’s barney from Heart Of Evil hexed,
(There are three eastereggs in the files somewhere and a mega-super easteregg, first one to find it gets a super secret hidey pack before public release :shh)


Pm me the secrets you find and i’ll grade you out of 10.

Why Is Colon Roy Campbell in this? Now I know a Colonel Roy but no colon.

No! Stop! You are just encouraging the people in the screenshots and movies section to increase the stupid Barney poses.

But at any rate, i still dont see the need for HL1 quality models for source, would be nice if someone remade these to look nice.

Alright then. I was making a few nice vortigaunt reskins(Including this) But i guess i won’t bother now. You ungrateful little git.

Thank you i will find many uses for this quality model!

is the secret face posing?

Nope. They’re in the material folders

And one of the secrets is only accessible on DX8…

are the secrets the picture files? (tastethepain.png, waitwhat.png, and colonroycampbell.jpg)

Yes. But there one they fear!

The fourth and final secret is only accessible on DirectX 8. And involves an Errand Boy, Some Grocery Clerks, And a bill.

melted crayons.

i will just take this roast moose
and put it in my pocket for later

Those creatures out there, and not a living human to be seen. This whole town is gonna be like that. You want my opinion, sir? This mission is fubar. We are up shitcreek without a paddle. I miss my mommy