Heartland U.S.A. 1956(scene build)

Instead of cold war, nuclear warfare and fallout…now theres only few roaming the world


100% ingame
I was inspired by johnny jacksons post

wearing russian ALFA uniforms.
Make due with what you have in america!

one of the few remaining russian soldiers occupying 'murrica…just a survivor

oh god the historical inaccuracy

That car looks like it’s made of stone.

it was supposed to be fictional

other than the fact the stuff he wears didn’t exist in 1956

but in 1956, america is full of vdv spetsnaz and omoh

and welsh people populate russia which is full of zombie goat

your bad at histery

why is evereyone so critical about what time period people wear stuff…Goodness! :geno:

Because a nuclear war would not accelerate camouflage development.

and make gasmasks developed in the 70s pop out of nowhere
and give soldiers plate carriers

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and make cars show up in the middle of dense, high forests.

Yeah last time I checked radiation stops cell growth not speed it up :colbert:
also why would you send in soldiers into a country your gonna nuke?

mutated trees obviously

you fannies

Trees wouldn’t grow if they’re cells stopped reproducing.

Ask the guys in MW2 that. They nuke their own guys, using nukes that are able to kill all humans but leave the area completely unharmed!

They detonated the nuke in high atmosphere hens the guy in space getting fucked.
also the UK launched the nuke silly. kind of like an EMP.

lord of the fallout spetsnaz 3: return to los vegas

I was referring to multiplayer. “Tactical Nuke”

its fucking modern warfare 2
call of duty

are you fucking nuts or what

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seriouSLY did your mom throw you THAT hard at that well
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So,since you all so care about the realism, the gasmasks were developed in the end of the 19-th century and were used as a countermeasure to the first chemical weapons in WW1 (some gas,I can’t remember what definetely)

Even the dog(or whatever it is) knows it