Heat Securicar Hold-Up robbers?

We had many of the classic style bank robbers (Suit and balaclava)

But had we ever had those from the Securicar hold up ones?




You can get the Ballistic Face Mask from Rainbow Six Vegas 2 and reskin it to be like a hockey mask, use the heads of all the Citizens and make a second body group like this:

And use this body (jumpsuit) with an Armor vest and reskin it to a GoodHew Hospital Paramedic:


Oh come on anybody wants to do this?

You just saw Heat, didn’t you?

I saw it a long time ago.

If someone wants it, I can extract the mask and textures. But you gotta apply it yourself

Yeah I know how to texture it shouldn´t be a big problem,

What I need is the model (Rainbow Six Vegas 2 ballistic face mask on Citizen headhacks on K&L Jumpsuit)

I said I’d extract the ballistic facemask itself (including normals, masks, whatever) just that you’d need to find someone else to apply it to the citizens

Okay, please do it thanks

Oh man, any progress?


Well I can extract the mesh at anytime. Just waiting for someone who’s willing to add it to the model you want.

Ok, smoki is the perfect choice