Heat Street


Simple DOF…

Not entirely sure what I’m supposed to be focusing on.


Well if you used super dof you must’ve forgotten to press render.

I REALLY want to scroll to the right.


Then do it. Then again, my max moniter res. is 1280x1024 (5:4)

Composition is really odd.

…hm? What? Sorry, watching your picture.

And my monitor’s resolution is 1366 by 768; I don’t understand what you’re getting at. I meant that the composition of the picture leaves me wanting to see more to the right.

Oh, I thought you ment that your moniter was so huge that a scroll bar for the bottom didn’t even load because it wasn’t needed. :pwn:

The composition is so bad.
When people say “I want to scroll right” it means you cut off a point of interest.
You wasted a lot of space. You could of done something with the angle you could of focused more on the street because at the moment this reminds me nothing of Payday’s map.
Change your SDoF settings you either didn’t press render or you turned your passes down and your radials way way up. It looks rather ugly.
The posing is rather unrealistic they look way too relaxed for being shot at.
The lamp usage also is rather bad. Remember everything reflects light the one light source makes all what is blurred out look rather washed out. Light color is another thing you might want want to consider.

Another thing that bothers me is the lack of trigger discipline which is sort of nitpick but when you are trained with any firearm it’s finger off the trigger unless you plan on shooting at what you are pointing your gun at.

Thank you for those, I will take these into effect (or at least try) into future work.