Heat Stroke

Since their is a cold debuff at night i think there should be an addition of heat stroke for daytime if your warmth is over at certain amount. If you get this debuff you get slowed movement and your shaky aim gets worse and if its you have the debuff for a period of time you pass out for a while. This is realistic and will help all the newbies during the day gathering from the big bullies. Thoughts?

How does this help a new spawn unless they start spawning with water?

All these ideas that are aimed at helping new spawns are poorly thought out and dumb. People who post them, like you, should feel bad.

what i mean is Armour currently provides a cold protection stat.
Better Armour has higher cold resist so in the day you will get heat stroke if your Armour has to much cold resist and it will make you decide whether to go out for that period of like 5 mins at midday with lots of armour and recieve the debuff or go naked.

It will add another aspect of timing your raids and attacks as well making the environment more threatening.

therefore if you have no Armour you don’t get the debuff

yes because the military always sit down in the middle of a patrol and decide to take off their kevlar because it’s hot

Yes this is very realistic

Actually it is , its called Hyperthermia , and you can have convulsions , pass-out , and die

wanna try? use a heavy winter coat at 40 C