Heather & Jill pics! (large pics)

So umm I haven’t posted here since like 2006… lol…

But anyway, I started playing gmod again and did some poses and I would like to share them with you guys.

Training the posing a little bit…

This one looks great as a wallpaper imho!

Another wallpaper(ish) style…

Metro stations… aren’t they creepy?

Random editing in photoshop.

Nice sweet Jill.

Went photograph style with this one.

Man this pose was hard has hell! Mainly because the model’s not fingerposable and I couldn’t it looking good.

Idk about this one…lol.

Feedback allways appreciated of courze!

needs more tits

Awesome. Where did you get the Heather models from?

Can’t give you the link right now my internet is being bitchy but just search for heather and it should come up.

It’s freaky in a cool way.
side note: nice L avatar.

Someone’s obsessed with horror girls.

Does Heather really stand around that much in Silent Hill?

Don’t know what you’re talking about…

If you don’t already have mariokart’s Jill, get it. Finger posable and some face posing too.

Problem is I can’t find his models anywhere.

Whoa, if you click the mouse scroller so you can quick scroll, and slowly scroll past the fourth and sixth pictures, they start freaking out…