Heavy Adventures: Babysitting Jimmy

After the RED Heavy and Medic gets fired for slacking on the job they must find new jobs, in the real world. The medic a stay at home “husband/mom/wife” the Heavy a “get any kind of work he can find out of the news paper” guy so he can feed his sandvich addiction

I lol’d at the bit when he said DON’T POINT ME COWARD AAAHHHH and Jimmy was just sitting there lifelessly. 5/5.

that was a really well thought out, well made and funny video.

Pills :v:

Great soundtrack.

How about one sandvich an hour?


Also this is the video I got the song from

I feel bad now :frowning:

Yeah… it’s not bad.

I agree.

Awesome, this is just awesome

thanks again for all the feed back, I will make another.

Need a little work on the faceposing but still very funny !

Uhh I need to clear this thing up.
Ive gotten this comment, on the video by a complete dumb ass.
“Nice copy of Ashhousewares prick.”
ok, first off for everyone knows ashhousewares work and my work are only similar by two things.
We use tf2 models/ he actually used tf2 him self, not gmod.
The names are similar heavy adventures. but my name is still different and still has a different storyline.
SO ill say this before that idiot on the youtube posts here, seeing I think hes a facepuncher.
YOU ARE A DUMBASS if you believe any work is stolen
I hate people who take others work, and ive done a ass load of rants on this forum about it too.

Also youtubes all fucked, its stuck on 302… but i keep getting comments and views in this thread… !!! odd…

it takes a little while to reload the views of your video

Its been stuck on 302 for 4 days, and ive gotten 500 views from different threads on different forums + this thread so i would deduct 50 people who go into a thread and not watch the video… I hate youtube… so buggy now.

give it time. sxephil who has 400k+ subscribers has a video with 10,000 views but has 11,000 comments and its been up for a couple days. be patient young padawan.

I have another video thats doing this… and its been stuck at 306 for 3 weeks…

By the way, how do you make camera turn like you made at the begin of the video please? Thanks