Heavy and Medic making beautiful sweet sweet love [homosexual erotica]


Hope you enjoyed. Also constructive criticism appreciated.

oh god u scared me forever


You stole this from Sebbarius (Or something) from the sex pose thread lol.

Wow I didn’t think they would make naked TF2 classes.


Thank you sir.


Happy thoughts… Happy thoughts…

No, seriously, I would give you the biggest optimistic rating if I could.

O_O Oh god…


my god, its magnificent!

This is why we have a sex pose megathread you know? To keep this kind of shit outside the section’s root.

And I’m not been homophobic, just been resonable.

I apologize that you completely missed the tag and the title of this thread.

You even stole this, there is no forgiving for your soul.

Link to the post of the original creator:


Damn Santz

It just happens to be posed at the exact same place on the exact same map.

Don’t deny it


When I clicked on this thread I did not expect this.

I did not expect this at all.

I hate you.

:psypop: God damn you, my eye’s hurt now. :byodood:

One more thing,


Oh god, yes.