Heavy - Babyman (Pokerface)

Heavy & Medic & Spy singing Babyman ( Pokerface cover )

I saw a video in youtube who made same kind of idea like this, but it was kinda poorly made, so I wanted to try to make better version. Comments please : )


I wish I knew of this when I made heavy adventures…

Oh my god. This is Awesome! :smiley:


Oh man, this is too good! :smiley:

This was awsome!

om nom nom nom

Pure genius! The music gos so well with the voices

If you havent already, you should post this in the music section and Videos And Flash Movies and That Kind Of Crap section for more views.

:golfclap: nice editing

:golfclap: lol.

Thanks everyone for comments : ) !

I posted this to Music section too. Thanks for the tip : )


Going in my collection of HLSS sounds.

I am honored

This is pure win.
So fucking amazing.
Fits perfectly with the music.

very cool

Oh my god…

Om nom nom Om nom nom I love those bits.

best song i heard in months