Heavy Birthday


Welcome to Heavy Birthday! After 4.5 months in development, hopefully it’ll been worth the wait.
To watch the video, simply open the panels below and press the primary fire key over the play-video-button.
Please let me know what you think, after you have watched the whole machinima. Thanks and have fun!


Guys you have to watch this, it’s just awesome!

Especially the heavy weapons buy part in part 1 and the credit thing in Part 2 :smiley:

Shouldn’t it be 4-5 months.

More like 4 months and 15 days.

I have played Gmod and been around the Garry’s Mod community since version 3, and let me tell you that this is probably the most amazing thing that I’ve seen, Gmod related, ever. It really shows how much tender love, care and effort actually went into this project, and the end result is hilarious. It’s an amazing laugh riot from start to finish and every second is worth catching. kitty0706 and his retarded ragdoll flailing and LOLRANDUMB humor doesn’t cut it close. Thank you so much for this.

absolutely amazing, though animations arent perfect they’re certainly better than posing with physgun, I love the mixed elements, totally brilliant. Some real skill in there. Well done!

Finally, a garry’s mod video that’s actually funny.

“Top 259 kama sutra positions for garden gnomes”

I laughed hard on that one

Best TF2 machinima I’ve ever seen. Also, is that Facepunch office map downloadable somewhere?

Wait so “garry” basically banned the spy at the end?

Nope, it’s part of one of the nine maps I made for this machinima. Those maps are not optimised, not completed and not useful.

No, he banned the Heavy because the Spy was disguised as the Heavy. That’s what the whole team wanted.

You deserve on BOX!
Anyway Could you please tell me where did you get Key model?

This is one of the best Machinimas I’ve ever seen! Congrats.

You deserve like…10 unusual hats? Well, forgive that, Gabe just eat it. But i have cookies for you. This is epicly-epic. And hey,i just read my name in the freakin’ credits, i really lol’d xDDD


The the loading screen at part 2 really got me (like a prank).

Who cares about that? Answer my post has made you so dumb as me and my “minge-coments”. A cookie, too?

A lot of effort went into this, that much is clear. Bravo mate.

Wow, that was incredible.

Beautiful stuff man. Well done!