Heavy Combine patrols a road at night, looks menacing


I know the gun has no ammo, it’s the only one that didn’t crash GMod. Really, even the default HL2 weapons.

That’s a combine? Great picture anyways!

Well he looks badass and has a combine mask

Pretty awesome, keep up the good work :slight_smile:

A heavy Combine.


Pretty fucking awesome though.

His fingers, they’re human :v:

Well I don’t know what kind of modifications the combine could have possibly thought up for our hands

they look the same with gloves on anyway

I was about to say this =.=’
Well that and amazing edit :smiley: How many models did you slapped in the combine to make him look like this? was it done ingame or in the editing program? :o

Yes, I know Combine are sub-human, but still. On the stalkers they removed the hands all together.


yeah thx for the muddle

The editings nice, the posing is too. But since when did you learn to models Crai?

And you needa fix GMod Sluggy :v:

those nightvision goggles are kickass

it’s so fucked up I don’t even

how did it

I mean


Tried the good old rename, copy paste method?

yeah, but then I put all the stuff I wanted back in


and its broken again

o lol its this japanese guy’s model but since i helped him make some normal maps he reuploaded it for me

Its always the japanese or koreans that do this stuff…

I like the posing but not the isolation for some reason.

Fucking ill man. I love to make my rifle poses like that too. At least when the ragdoll is willing. Good stuff.