heavy combine ship

hi guys, i recently made a ship. a combine one.
i would like to know what do you guys think.



8 forward.
2 backward
7 left
9 rigth
1 reverse left
3 reverse right
4 front lights
. open door
5 close door ( no need. there is a button for the door)
\ inside light ( i think, but there is a switch for that inside the ship)


It’s not good but it’s not horrible.

Pretty terrible.

It looks rather ugly, it’s simple, just all around not even worth posting. It flies using hoverballs… Also your spelling is horrendous.

It’s a simple ship, but i don’t agree about it’s been ugly, and i belive that the only way that a contraption will be a bad one is if it doesn’t do what it was build to do, wich this ship totally does, so it is a very nice job!

sorry. im not english. so i dont really have a good gramar.

Use more props and less hoverballs. Add some material too.