Heavy combine stopping a soldier from using his gun.

** Combine 1: He’s got a gun, get him!
Combine 2: Fucking gimme that gun!**




Whatever you did to the helmet looks really ugly, and the whole thing is such a clusterfuck of limbs that I have no idea what body parts belong to who.

I’m trying to practice making a glow. Know any ways to make it look like the visor glows?

Listen to this guy.

What the hell is going on?

an orgy

I agree with Peanut.

Editing and posing could do some work. It is hard to tell whats going on.

Ta-dah! My edit of the picture, and yes I love Cyan color.



[sp]My edit doesnt help on the orgy thing tho[/sp]

What’s with the random red scribble?

I forgot to remove that, I was seeing if it looked better red.

Also the combine are tackling him, but the angle doesn’t show alot. I got some different pictures, but i’ll just repose it and take a picture that shows more.

Daddy please, let us use your cool gun! Daddy, pleeease???


what the fuck is happening in this picture

“Give me a big hug!”