Heavy Combine Units Assualt Rebel Outpost

I really like this one. All edited by me, for once.

Wow, looks pretty kickass

Very, good, I mean VERY good!

I helped with the skin :3:

9% of it, just the body :D.

And some touch-ups…

Touch ups my ass.

Heheh, butt joke.

This argument stops here

Not bad, but like I said before, the muzzleflash doesn’t look quite right.

Flash looks too big and blurry, but otherwise it looks pretty awesome!

Loving the model/skin still.
Posing is really awesome (the guy with the scoped rifle on the APC is very original and interesting, standing rifle pose is executed well and the crouching/cover pose is perfect)
Weapon models are great.
Camera angle and depth-of-field are fantastic.
Film grain is nice.

When comparing the original and the edit, the dodging and burning seems totally random, but you kinda get away with it.

Muzzleflash is kinda funky, and not in a good way.

Overall though, kickin’ rad picture.

That part is so true, but I liked how it looked.

Holy crap that is good one!

How could I imporve the muzzle flash? I wasn’t sure how to make it suitable for the APC.

Wystan, mind if I edit your picture at some point? I really like it.

Here is mah edit:


Too much empty space in top part of pic. But it’s good looking wystan

Damn. I forgot to crop.

My only complaint would be the weapons. LR300s don’t look combiney enough. Also, a bit of return fire would complete the picture, maybe giving the guy behind the box a reason to take cover.

I picked the LR’s simply they look sort of combiney and where blue.