Heavy compliments 'Scout Dude's' 'beard'

Heavy never was too bright.


Veeery nice.

Nice, heavy’s expression is just a tad bit overdone.

Good posing, and the heavy’s expression is very good and original.

The dog tags are clipping, btw.

I also fail to find the idea of the screenie funny, but that’s just me. I am familiar to that beard camera joke, so that’s not the problem.

Wait, DOn’t you have to go through Puberty to grow a beard? =/

He looks like a rabbi, or however you write it.

That was the best I could get with the HWM heavy.

that made me lol so hard i felt a piss drop in my pants
also no more dumb ratings??

Hahahahahaha :v:

Also, no dumb ratings? what’s this? I began to get used to it.

he looks like a amish!

He’s the only amish from boston!


hahahahahahaha love the heavy’s expression.

fuck the no-life bot is back

Flawed logic methinks