Heavy destroys scout with his weapon

Reuploaded it since imgkk failed on me:argh:.

It’d be better if Sasha had a strapon

What the flying fuck…

Or should I say Heavy? Either way it’s fucking awesome :smiley:

Faceposing is bloody great! :v:
I indeed, did lol.

This thread is probably going to get locked so I’ll comment now:

Lol’d at the faceposing. Nice work.

Fucking win.

Taht’s what he deserves.

Nice revenge

How come?

Undescriptive thread title. I think this is the second thread too; the last one was locked.

One of the funniest pics I’ve seen in a long time. Very nicely done. :stuck_out_tongue:



Grass grows and birds fly and brudda I hurt people!

Ahahaha. It looks like a reversed version of Meet The Scout, even the Heavy’s face posing is similar.

Shit, this looks almost exactly like the Meet the Scout scene, except that it’s the heavy owning the scout. Looks awesome, and funny.

Anyway, very nice and funny picture!

That’s gotta hurt.

His fingers look weird.

Haha, nice. Only thing i don’t like is the scout’s feet… they look rather, messed up.

Hah I tried to make his legs look destroyed and screwed up!