Heavy dinner

Hello everyone!




I know, last ones heavy contrast looks kinda odd, didnt know how to fix that.

someone somewhere is fapping to this

sounds like something Voremepls would do :suicide:

the fact that he’s banned and he’s never coming back tells me that there is a God who loves FP

Who is that Voremepls? What about him?

he basically went around posting lots of really fucked up vore. I’m not really one to judge based on fetishes, but once he inevitably got permabanned for it he spammed lots of gore images, proving once and for all that he was a massive asshat and that he totally had it coming.

now he screams eternal in that great cosmic boneyard we call the Refugee Camp, locked in the dessicated belly of the beast… a harsh but not undeserved fate, and a testament to the willingness and almost machine-like lack of hesitation inherent within all mods.

But how that is connected with my picture? Is it going offtopic here? :C

yeah it is pretty offtopic

but yeah funny picture

Then think before you ask an question. Especially about questions about banned users.

Also, I’m not the one to judge sexual fetishes, but vore is pretty puch fucked up.

Anyway, nice picture.

He is in a belly of beast, and I guess he’s enjoying that…

But i didnt start the talk about him, i dont even know who he is, so i askd.

This sentence contains so much Purple Prose I think it just turned into ~ultraviolet~

Haha, i lol’d. Not something out of the ordinary!
Keep it up!

Cone you sir have a way with words, you dont mince, mingle around them like so many, you kind sage are someone of a good standing and learned enviroment.

Now onto to the these disturbing yet oddly intriguing screenies, all I can say is I like them very much and this must have been the original way Dennis Quaid got into Martin Short in the film Inner Space.

Where did you get that mini heavy/big soldier model? Anyway good picture

Green screen

Just cut out in photoshop

Reminds me of Armin Meiwes, a real life vore-lover who invited a man over to his housw and then ate him alive- all with the other guys consent.

he also refrigerated and was going to eat the dude’s dick before he got caught, and he was convicted of manslaughter. the event was also the inspiration for a badass Rammstein song:

which is why the title basically translates to “My Dong”.