Heavy eating while reading.

Be forwarned! This is my first pose, and I think it isn’t awesome…
The posing isn’t too great…

from a different angle:

C&C please, and if so, please advise me on what I should do for some more poses.

Turn up the graphics, and use models that fit the models art

This and wth is wrong with his eye.

But its not that bad

Posing is good, settings… not so much.

Got it.
I couldn’t find and TF2 props that I have (only ones were the Heavy, the Sandvich, and the mining house they’re in.)…so I just decided to go under general.

Otherwise, how do you like the general idea?

Oh yeah: I think it’s the uploader i used, because my graphics were all the way up. I guess it was that, or the editing (insertion of text, then changed file to .PNG)…

EDIT #2.

Thanks for the good comments, and all, but the eyes, once again, I don’t really know…it was odd…I just need to get used to TF2 poser settings.

Turn up graphics, not alot more to say.


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wise man

The heavy can read?

Why is he looking up?

Dunno, really. It’s my first pose, and i’m proud no-ones been saying its a pure piece of shit.

Pretty decent, though I was expecting whatever he was reading to be upside-down. 'Cause Heavy’s not smart.

-His fingers are clipping into the sandvich and the newspaper.
-He’s not look at the paper.
-His face looks like he just shit himself.
-Mat_picmip 5

Work on it, there’s potential.

I don’t like the text on the picture, though. Maybe put it into a speech bubble?

As I said before, I know it’s got problems, and the clipping, I can live with, should the need arises.
Just as long as you don’t mean that as in “That’s a piece of shit” I’m fine.

And i will take that advice, seems to be the only real helpful advice…

Oh, hey, just had a thought. Maybe since he’s talking to his sandvich, maybe he could be looking at it. I don’t know. Either that or the paper.

Mah, as you said, he’s not so bright, so he’s gotta focus while reading aloud, so…