Heavy Foliage? Water Sources?

There should be heavy foliage in rust, for reasons of making players plan, hide, and scout.
Just imagine that you’re going through the dense foliage, to widely sneak through the open land, only to not be able to be seen.
Or if you’re trying to run away from players who are hunting you, as you seek shelter within the forest/jungle.
There are many memoriable scenes in movies, and video games etc, where the protangonist would scout to be ready to raid a base, or run away from others that are wanting to kill,
and it would be pretty cool if you could feel that way.
And what about, throughout my idea of heavy foliage there could be giant biomes of forest and jungle, with flowing rivers, and caves, and even abandoned shacks.
There are a lot more ideas, I just felt like sharing the centre core of this one.

Can’t agree on this one :confused:
I really think the current “foliage” is doing just fine, and makes a nice room for PVP.
Not like in Dayz where finding/figthing someone could take dayzzzzz
The games fast pace is what fullfills mu hunger for fight n’ blood! :d


so you’re saying rust is pretty much call of duty :P?

Adding more foliage to an already poorly optimized game would be a disaster for people with low end computers. If you’re talking about adding it when it’s closer to release and they have the game less cpu-intensive then sure, it might be a cool concept.

To be fair, without having the source, you don’t know what’s contributing to the performance, so adding more foliage might have a minimal impact. I suspect it might be that running Unity in the web-browser has a fixed overhead, whether you have a sphere on a checkerboard, or Rust.

The fact that you are saying even that shows how you can’t even elaborate your ideas.
And I do hope that you have played dayz and this game “long” time so you can say that.

No, it has nothing to do with COD; Rust environement it is just looking as it should be (It is MY opinion).
Even aesthetically speaking I love how it looks, plus it is a “good” side on fair, non camping (as in dayz) fights.
Elaborate please.


I’m with Kermit on this one. Good idea, but wait until the engine’s built better before we start adding pretty extras like denser cover and more water on the map.

Yes, here it is, it’s the “it’s alpha” argument, but I say it for a reason: In software design, everything you add introduces additional complexity and additional ways for the thing to fuck up. Every new thing is one more element in a hugely complex machine, and things can behave in unpredictable ways.

Exhibit A, an actual screenshot from Garry’s Mod when someone’s modding work created a rather interesting bug:


Throwing lots of fancy stuff around the map may be cool for you guys right now, and address short-term concerns (tiny resource spread means everyone’s clustered together means everyone just plays anarchist deathmatch 24/7), but at the end of the day it ends up being effort spent into something that may end up needing to be removed entirely due to a conflict later on down the line.

Sometimes this wasted effort effect is unavoidable; if a server update requires a map wipe, everyone’s progress gets reset and it sucks. However, you want to avoid straying from the main path as much as possible and allow yourself to get distracted with side projects as minimal as you can, if you want efficient software development. This applies to everything in code, not just games. Fuck, it even applies to webpages.

Back in the dinosaur era of the WWW, when Netscape NOW! was a thing, I took six seconds to solve a basic HTML mistake that one of my high school classmates made that neither IT teacher could figure out after a half-hour of staring at the code. What she did was put the body tag above the head tag, which broke the whole page, but she didn’t test her page before writing out the whole thing, ugly-ass-bordered tables and all (CSS didn’t exist!), and then it didn’t work and she didn’t know why. If she had started with getting it working, she would’ve begun by building basically a Hello World test page, and then start entering her content and changing the colours and font sizes and shit. She or the teachers would’ve spotted the out-of-order tags immediately because there would only be about a dozen words worth of text in the entire file. Instead, they were rooting through 200 lines trying to find what they thought was an unclosed tag.

Make it work, then make it fancy. This is what alpha is designed to do. The fact that there’s no attempt at spawn protection or preventing script kiddies with Cheat Engine is a reinforcement of this. Fairness is a “fancy” feature when you’re not even done making the game itself.

Doesn’t Rust take place kind of after a radioactive breakout? So dense foliage wouldn’t really fit in. And instead of a protagonist hiding from their hunters, what would most likely end up happening is people in Kevlar and M4s waiting & hiding for Bambis to come along and pop out.