heavy gets a new hat

soo proo.




no soviet joke apply here that would fit damn.

Face seems to exaggerated.

everything in tf2 is exaggerated. I wanted his face to be weird and eccentric.Thats what makes tf2 pictures better then the others, because everything is comical and in good spirits :smiley:

His face to me just seems dumb, the smile ruins it to be honest, it needs to be toned down a little bit.

well, the heavy is REALLY happy. You would be too if you were russian and got your first Ushanka.

DONT DO IT ! looks good keep it lol

In Soviet Russia, hat wears you.

In Weariet Hatsia. Sovear rats you?


I’ll have to say, no obvious “in soviet russia” joke fits here properly. sorry for the box for your latest post, it’s a bit harsh, but you can’t vote half boxes.

I think the expression is just fitting in the air of TF2. Well, the sacks below his eyes could be a bit more subtle, but that’s seriously nitpicking.

Heavy placing his new hat on top of his old one adds to the hilarity too, although you knew that, it’s pretty obvious. the thumbs up, too, although that’s not obvious or cliché-y, just plain funny.

I find the redness odd. It’s winter, it just doesn’t belong.

Well the Heavy is dumb.

Bloom ovrload

Yeah, I know. When I’m in game, the screen looks regular with a little bloom, but when ever I take a screen shot, the color is a lot darker, which makes the bloom look over done.