Heavy gets assasinated.

He got owned

lol how

isnt it pretty obvious

I don’t envy his fate judging from his face.

Oh My god, Face is messed up, blood spam, and up the graphics. And bad choice of map. Never use construct, or flatgrass.

The first pose I’ve seen that has the fucked up TF2 faces that, to a certain degree, work with the picture.

I thought this was spy related…

That much blood from a baseball bat?

Well, he just broke open his skull… I doubt theirs going to be a small puddle.

obvious troll

im awesome
and later ill make a remake,
i was lazy :smiley:

dont-- if you’re going to be a troll

This picture need spys.

ill put spys in remake :smiley:

How does the Scout get blood on his back?

And why does it abruptly end in an aliased line?


What the shit’s with the Scouts neck bro

he dargged the bloodeh bat off his bloody hands from the first fist he gave to hoovy.



read this…
http://www.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=809347 :fuckyou: