Heavy Gets "Face-Punched" By A Scout! (pun intended)

Constructive Criticism, please! That means no trolling…


Media Tag’d because I thought resizing would dissipate the small details!

It’s acatualy pretty good, good job

Either way, it is re sized.

I thought the image was cool, but I somehow feel like I saw this image before…

The bat looks wierd and the blood looks water-ish.

Well, blood IS a liquid… :hurr:

As for the bat, I dont know what the fuck happened there! (Fucking Imageshack)

It just looks very wierd.

Smudging: Not always the answer.

IMO, The Scout shoulld be looking where hes punching, instead of looking at the doorway or whatever it is on that part of the map.

Your fog is fucked up

Wait, there is fog?


That looks like what I see in-game normally, Uberslug.
When I’m in Spectator, there’s always this yellow haze blocking view to the other base.

I think it would’ve looked better if he was looking at the heavy, and instead of smudging his hand into oblivion, you should just put some motion blur instead.

Thats pretty good

Thank You.

I recommend you get this - http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=70149

It fixes the blu base having HL2 textures

Too much fucking work…

Too much work to download a few texture files and extract them to your Garry’s Mod folders in order to fix a huge and irritating issue that makes it very difficult to pose on a well-used TF2 map?

You lazy fuck.

I think he should be giving the heavy something of a passing glance as he goes.

But good picture overall.

Blood looks pretty odd, and the bat looks like butts.