HEAVY GOES CAMPING - Nonsensical TF2 gmod vid

Crawled my way back out of the abyss of the internet to finally finish off my gmod vid and slap it on the tubes.

It’s fairly long so you may want to kick your feet up and grab a bowl of cheetos.

Smoker spazzed too much to my like. However the rest of the video ranged from alright to good moments.

It started out rather bland, but the second half was more than hilarious! You can only get better with time!

Thanks for watchin’ the vids lads! Yeah it was hard to balance story with lolrandomjokes.

Though it probably wouldn’t have been as entertaining if they drove right there, how would they ever get to space?

It definitely wasn’t bad. Fairly entertaining.

Diddn’t realise you where such a Gmod buff Hypertails! (If it’s the same one I’m thinking of)

Great work with the Robo-Soldier vid btw! Went viral.

That was actually pretty good.


You use one of my Skin (Sub-zero)

Now i’m happy

Pro tip:

Make your next movies just like this one, it is pretty much one of the best GMod videos I have ever seen.


Well if the vid generates a little buzz I’ll probably make a second one. Keeping that quality all the way through.

Very good


I laughed at Francis tripping in the window

The ending was great. Nice job!

i only liked the killing floor guy part

Thanks a bunch for all the feeback guys! The general consensus I’ve got is it’s a little too lolrandom and a bit too long. I think i tried pumping in as many jokes as I could since it was my first, glad I got that out of my system. The next one will be of quality from start to finish!

The first few minutes was all done on an online server while I was learning the game. Didn’t know I could save yet so we only had a couple takes to get it right. Stuff like Fancis seizuring out was just from trying to get him to stand up while looking through the camera. The Smoker was just meant to get hit and fall down aswell, but the result was so ridiculous we decided to make a gag out of it. 30 seconds in and we couldn’t even get a window to break properly lol.

Wasn’t until half way I realized how much easier it is to make it in single player and loading whenever theres a blooper. Glad some people liked the nub bits though! The ending isn’t without goofs either, allot of the effects I used got cropped or shrunken during rendering (Though I know how to fix it now).