Heavy graphic

Can someone tell me what map got the moste realistic graphic as possible? :slight_smile:
Like BC2 or MW2


Totally De_inferno.

For source? Probably the l4d2 stuff. In comparison css maps look as realistic as tom and jerry.

Naw! L4D2 has the worst texture detail ever. but they use a lot of props.

I say e3_terminal.

I personally think de_dust2 is the most realistic. I want to go there in real life.

de_dust has got cars where cars can’t go. therefor it fails.


I never said de_dust. Any cars don’t have to be driven to be in a particular place, so it’s possible they were put there by other means.

Aliens :ninja:

Edit: Fun fact about E3_terminal … It uses carve and its extremely brush based.

Fun fact about E3_Terminal: VALVe didn’t give two shits about how it was made when they built it. They just wanted it to look good to show at E3 :v: Seeing as nobody was meant to actually “play” it, optimization wasn’t a huge deal.

I would say Portal 2 if it was released,
but I say TF2, or Episode Two

I’d probably say snark_pit

You havent seen any closed gates in there?
Odd, since i have seen plenty of them. :v:


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