Heavy in the Motherland

When I saw the Red Square map, I knew I had to do this. Here’s Heavy enjoying the Motherland.

Elexis looks…kinda Russian…I guess…

why are there shermans

Because they’re part of the map. Blame whoever made the map for the innacuracies, not me.


“He’s like a big shaved bear that hates people!”- te scot

I do believe this needs thread music:

The Heavy’s expression is so awesome.

link to map???

Straight from “Pyro is a cow” Thread.

funny picture, good idea :v:

Looks a bit empty on the right side but that’s only a minor flaw in my opinion.
The whole expression from the Heavy and Elexis posture fit perfectly:
“I am Hero.”

@ Vman: Whoa, you know Dschinghis Khan ?
Here i thought, that it was unkown, outside of germany.
Well, another lesson learned. :keke:

Everyone on the Internet knows Dshinghis Khan…


Yeah, even I know about them…

…at least, now I do…