Heavy is fat spittin b*tch!

Hello guys, as you can see, I’m new here, and so am I to making Gmod 10 movies. I have been making gmod 9 movies for a long time already, but this here’s my very first gmod 10 movie. Enjoy! Comments are appreciated!

Random, Unoriginal and unfunny. We have seen to many videos like this where the sounds are mixed up to make them talk and the waving arms around when being shot at/something happening to them is unfunny and unoriginal.

Dont try to be the next big Gmod comedy creator, We have enough of those, Do something different.

Ouch, that hurt. Is this how you treat first-timers here?0_o Sorry, Im just following the “HEAVY IS” gmod video format. I didn’t know people hate HEAVY IS videos nowadays. lol :confused:

Facepunch hates memes and newcomers

It’s called constructive criticism. He’s telling you how you can improve your videos. In this case he is specifically saying you’re not being very original, etc.