Heavy is High

Basically a stress test for my PC that turned into a neat little video. I’m digging the Catmull-Rom Cameras.


Recorded with WeGame, lazily slapped together in WMM since my Magix programs won’t work for some reason.

I, eh… hope you like The Beatles.

Is WeGame > fraps?

This is abstract.

It’s free, and mostly stable, so…

Right now, yes, WeGame > FRAPS, if not slightly more unwieldy.

I liked it, and rated artistic

Thank you very much!

I could use some constructive criticism, however. Any ideas as to where I could improve?

[sp]Well, except for that one spot where the camera flew through the wall. Bad camera placement on my part, should’ve fixed it, but didn’t.[/sp]


First rating, and it’s just 1/5 stars?!


Meh. I didn’t really like it. It looked more like a proof-of-concept or showcase kind of thing. Looks like you slapped a few filters on top of a catmull-rom camera track which went thru construct to a heavy in a T-pose. Interesting concept, but maybe you could have improved on the actual delivery.

I’ll see if I can improve on it somehow. I might have an idea to make it a bit more cohesive and less just-for-the-hell-of-it-ish, thanks to a comment I saw.