Heavy is very happy, because he was caught in the rain of hats!


very cool

I want those hats. >:(

niice :smiley:

What the hell! That’s fricking awesome man!
Rated Optimistic!

it’s awesome because you are a gay furry

The picture is nice,I don’t know why he flies in rainbows tho.

…optimistic rainbows, maybe?

Harmony harmony oh love!

Double rainbow. @_@

Double optimistic :smiley:


How is that even relevant?

Heavy is the ultimate hero.

too bad he can only wear one hat from the hats in this picture :frowning:


Oh, jpeg_quality, why must you never reach your full potential?

i :lol:'d tho

Pretty much what goes on in TF2, now.

I love his expression, lol.