Heavy Load

Spent approximately twenty minutes trying to look for some tank sounds but didn’t find anything good.

I don’t remember doing many scenebuilds from a bit more downward angle, so here’s one.

Excellent. I only wish it was in 1440p

Beautiful scenebuild. The lighting effects are nice too.

great as always

I would’ve added a stronger rim lightning on the first tank’s cannon though. The big two lights that are shining would illuminate that cannon pretty hard. It looks like you did some rim lightning for the back tank, but not for the front one. Like a strong white/blueish light reflection is missing there. It’s a pretty cool scenebuild though, creative idea with the bulldozer part + tank.

“откройте рот”

Wicked placement of objects, really gives off the feeling of the tank pushing through the narrowness of all the ruins. I agree with Crazy Knife too - I’d love to see some more exaggerated lighting, but that’s really a matter of taste.

Oh my Shit…

so goood

Tanks gotta do what it was designed to do

HOW huge is your monitor??

2560x1440 is an excellent monitor size.

is that the common standard nowadays? what the fuck?

I wouldn’t say its common standard but it sure is nice. I’m considering investing myself.

It’s still pretty expensive, but they’re starting to make more that are targeted to the enthusiast market. Up until the last year or so, they were generally high latency, color accurate IPS panels designed for professional artists that hit the $500-1000 range, with korean grey market models going as low as $300.

More and more high end gaming monitors in the 27"+ size are going for this resolution though, pushing 144Hz and built in g-sync and stuff so it’s getting more of a following.

I do a ton of work in photoshop and max, and the extra space is a game changer. It has more pixel space then two traditional 19" monitors side-by-side, but in one, unbroken screen. Also games look incredible , so long as you have the hardware to drive it.

So much eye candy … I like it.