Heavy loves Sasha no matter what

Title says it all

Just a quick pose i decided to make it, took a break from mapping lol

Better Photo

Uh, did anyone notice the trains numbers are 7331-1337 o.o

Heavy, noooooo

Heh, I was thinking about adding a little fighting in background

Do it next time so the picture is more interesting.

Alright - goes to fix-


Alright go to the top for new photo =D ( messed up on the medic it was supposed to show him )


C&C please?

The posing is extremely bad, you seriously fucked up the blur, try using Super DoF next time. And oh, some editing never hurts.

That Spy’s not one of ours!

Sasha’s a SPY!!

Well, got back into posing and i suck at editing, think you can spare some programs? i know i need GIMP right?