heavy machine mounted machine guns

with the addition of the m249 light machine gun I was thinking could any heavier an more powerful weapons could be added they could be tiered in with different helicopters being armed with different machine guns

  1. .50 cal browning an large powerful machine gun. It can only be found when an helicopter having the weapon armed is downed

2.m134 minigun an helicopter armed with this will be very hard to take down will be able to mow down fully geared adversaries within an few seconds. When the helicopter is eventually downed it will be an beast of an machine gun perfect for having fortified positions http://weaponsystems.net/image/s-lightbox/n-M134D/--/img/ws/iw_hmg_m134_v2.jpg

3.Gau 8 avenger(aka a10 warthog gun) the ultimate heavy machine gun able to mow down everything in its path taking down a hell armed with this will take more then an small group,But when its downed the hell will reap the rewards of having the highest rate of fire and the highest damage potential and if raiders put their staging base in direct line of sight you can easily punch hoes into it and kill the people inside. It technically has a effective range of 8,200 feet but that can be nerfed to less than all bolty. http://news.bbc.co.uk/nol/shared/spl/hi/world/02/military_fact_files/du/img/scene3.gif

  1. Only if it’s inaccurate as hell at longer ranges
  2. Only if it’s mounted against something is firing it possible with any feasible accuracy.

This should be used as a defensive weapon.

thats exactly what I want it to be used as an base defense weapon

I feel like a warthog AA cannon would be a little heavy…

Yea and no point because of off line raids

but they could be integrated with auto turrets…

That would be to op. And make auto turrets pointless.

Why not a Barrett .50 cal with a starlight amplification scope? Then I can build an armored tower near the power plant and snipe all the nakeds.