Heavy Metal

I worked on this during the summer with with Mike (Also known as Peavy)

Youtube is a bitch right now and for some reason won’t let me upload, so here it is on Vimeo


I also posted this in the TF2 section a few days ago, just wanted more people to see it cause I worked a lot on it.

It wasn’t all that bad, i liked the editing for space and all that but the music didn’t work(astleast to me) and it started way to fast to me but…Hey I’m no movie maker so good job. Artistic

I burst in laughts at the face the heavy does, awesome video.

nice, great editing

that was awesome. The editing was well done and the comedy was amazingly funny

It won’t let me watch the video.

Try again later, if not, I’m gonna upload it to youtube in a few days.

Thanks for watching guys!

It looks like you just added a song and fuck the rest.

Nice editing indeed.

Wow, this is awesome :smiley:

and your avatar is from lc3, right?


a snip

Good stuff. It’s nice to see people put some effort into their videos. Have a funny.