Heavy needs a sandvich

I´m pretty new to Gmod Videos.
But I think this Video is not THAT bad.
There are some thinks like randomly apearing cameras and cellphones. I saw them after I rendered the video and everything. So… yeah.
Tell me what you like and what you don´t like!

There is a Gmod stopmotion test on my channel too.
Check it out if you want. :wink: (WARNING: Randomshit!)

That was pretty good, for being new at GMod videos.

You should really work on touching up the shots, though. It would make it a lot better. :razz:

Thanks. :smiley:
I was already thinking of remaking it and correcting the mistakes I did, but I want to wait till im better at posing and stuff.
It´s my third Gmod Video BTW.
But my first longer Video.

That was surprisingly good.

Thats was funny man! I’m subbing and adding you as a friend.