Heavy On Patrol

Yet another Shading/Highlighting test brought to you by Noteloc




Yeah. welll I hope some of you enjoyed this.

C&C is always a welcome thing. :buddy:

Oh yeah, and sorry if it looks aliased (Or it’s just me) I think my computer hates me after I got my 32 Inch monitor :ohdear:

Get off patrol.

Oh my. The Heavy looks like a robot.

It’s that Sandvich I gave him with the acid in it maaan

No, but in all seriousness I couldn’t decide how to pose his face, because I HATE the HWM models, their faces are fucked up to pose it’s hard for me just to get their faces to look neutral. and yeah, theres not very many options to choose from with the standard models, so I chose this one :buddy:

Thanks for the Comments

Anyone Else?

the frog


"that frog’s also a spah!"

The Heavy is a Terminator. Seriously, that’s what I thought when I saw this.

Constable heavy?

“I’m looking for sandvich connor”

Spy: Must… have… Sandvich!

Also, staring frog is staring.

The heavy’s obeying the hypno frog, thats why he looks so serious.